Cas looked around the motel room again, his forehead creasing in a concentrated scowl. Dean nudged him in side with his elbow, saying, “Cas, I’m beginning to think you’re overworked.” At that, the angel tilted his head, confused. “You never smile. You should smile more. I like it when you sm-“

"I am a celestial being, Dean. I do not need to convey my emotions through facial expressions." There was a moment of silence before Dean fully turned towards him. "Are you sure about that?" he asked, to which Cas nodded shortly. Dean raised an eyebrow and stepped forward, seemingly forgetting their rule about personal space. "Well, don’t mind if I test that theory." Cas felt his breath hitch as those sparkling green eyes drew ever closer to his, a glint of mischievousness in them. Suddenly, just as Cas parted his lips, Dean drew away, bringing Cas’s right hand with him. Cas watched as Dean pulled his hand up and pressed his lips onto the back of it, planting a soft kiss on each of his knuckles in turn. A giddy feeling struck through Cas’s body and bubbled lightly inside his brain, and he was having trouble to keep any emotion off of his face.

His lip must have twitched though, because Dean smiled victoriously, “So that’s all I have to do to make you smile? Easy!” With that, the man craned his neck, planting a quick peck on Cas’s nose, causing the angel to let out an involuntary giggle.

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